What is personal professional development?

Angela Woodrow
January 25, 2019

It is the intentional work of individual team members strengthening and increasing their personal life skill capacity to increase the ability and effectiveness of the whole team to utilizing training and development tools to develop and strengthen performance capacity.

When a team is confronted by a change (chosen or imposed) identifying each individual’s skills and knowledge helps define how to tap into all available resources to manage change.

Each individual continues to increase professional skill and knowledge capacity by strengthening good personal development.  Learning really happens when there are problems to solve.  Application of continuous learning is the hallmark of a healthy organization.  Valuing the continuous professional development of all team members in an organization ensures the organizations ability to navigate change.  Creating new road maps and charting new trails in the landscape of an organization’s mission and vision requires all to be operating at top professional capacity.

A small, growing enterprises does almost everything in the startup phase in a ‘learning as you go process’. Over time, this phase morphs into the ‘going strong from all we have learned process’. It does not mean the learning has stopped. It means the learning process, the topics and focus of the learning pertains to the desired outcomes and goals developed as the enterprise continues to prosper. The learning ensures more effective and efficient service and or products. It creates a stronger process for the organization to continue to seek new horizons and develop a keen sense of adaptation while scaling the heights of the next vista.

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