Urgent Assessment of the Drain

It’s desperate…. you need immediate relief!

Let's completed an urgent
Assessment of the drain.

When circling the drain the first step is to
meet for an assessment conversation to identify:

Step 1

The result you desire.

Step 2

The resources (time/ people/ budget) available.
These conversations can last up to 90 minutes.
Within 72 hours of the conversation you will receive a summary report that will include recommendations and observations.

Recommendations could include:

Phase 1:
Stop the Swirling! Strategy Session (3 hours)
Working on creating a plan of action to be able to achieve the desired goal and corrective action.

Phase 2:
Coaching and accountability support for those who have tasks or actions as a result of the strategy session.

Phase 3:
Personal Professional Development Training as identified in Phase 1.

Phase 4:
Consulting if it is determined that outside resources to provide results is best option.

Ready to stop the swirling?

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