Make sure you can ride the wave!

Navigate the challenges and disruption of change that occur in the ebb and flow of your organization.

Facts About Change

Change is always happening:

It can be sudden or planned

It can be a

It can be a

It can be

Change seems to go against everything we strive for.

Cultivating and maintaining good habits and processes to leverage our talents and time so we can make the best use of all our resources.
Change challenges the belief and desire of maintaining stability and efficiencies EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

Help your team and organization with Group coaching around specific Professional personal skills. When you grow the individual, you strengthen the whole organization.

Group coaching or 1:1 coaching accelerates your organizations ability to stand up and ride the waves of opportunity and possibility.

Wipes outs are only wipe outs if you do not know how to get back up and keep moving forward. 

All of us need strengthening and encouragement!

Group Coaching

Meet for an assessment conversation to identify :
1) The result you desire
2) The resources (time/ people/ budget) available

These conversations can last up to 90 minutes. Within 72 hours of the conversation you will receive a summary report that will include recommendations and observations.

Phase 1:
Assessment of individuals in group (Assessment recommendations are based on information gathered in the assessment conversation).

Phase 2:
• Group coaching sessions for Professional Personal Skill Development (PPSD)
• Usually 5- 8 sessions depending on recommendations
• Includes summary reports and individual accountability emails

Phase 3:
Summary report of results and resources to help maintain new PPSD.

Ready to begin the transformation?

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