Making Sense of Perspectives

Angela Woodrow
March 11, 2021

Perspective: a specific point of view in understanding or judging things or events.

Healthy organizations use more than one perspective.

It is important to have the right perspective on your organization. It is also important to know which perspective to focus on at any given time. Making sense of perspectives helps organizations make sense of change.

Shifting lenses in order to see things clearly— for example, using ‘readers’ for up-close work— is how an organization must be able to use multiple lenses to help navigate all the changes and challenges.

A telescopic view can help for planning into the future. Using this ‘long range’ scope helps connect the blend of possibility and opportunity as landmarks to guide and shape the plans required to activate vision. Leaders who share this visioning process create a good feedback loop to stakeholders who are in charge of delivering the day- to day actions supporting the long-term goals.

Magnifying attention to detail allows up-close evaluation of the day-to-day actions to ensure the most effective approach is implemented. Using an up-close review and perspective on specific areas will scope out ‘blind spots that impact all aspects of an organization

Periscope vision allows a leader to see all around, up and down. 'Periscope up' is the prudent review needed to make sure the ‘rainy day fund’ or cross-training in an organization is in place. Addressing and making sure the urgent concerns do not become out of control 'fires' requires a different perspective. It also needs to be temporary.  Organizations operating in constant 'troubleshooting mode' will wear out and lose precious opportunities to create the next possibility if always in fear of needing to put out fires.

It is also vital for an organization to use all senses. The stethoscope perspective allows for an organization to listen to the intangible aspects of an organization.  Pausing, reflecting, and listening allows an organization to keep the heartbeat strong. Trusting organizational intuition also encourages engagement and commitment from all the stakeholders.

Using all perspectives available will help an organization make sense of changes required to keep on course.

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