D.I.G. into a New Business Year

Angela Woodrow
January 13, 2023

Webster’s Dictionary defines continuum “as a coherent whole characterized as a collection, sequence, or progression of values or elements varying by minute degrees. “High” and “low” describe the opposite ends of a line.  Nourishing the growth and development of an organization requires a combination of ‘art and science’ to describe the two halves of a line.  An organization is the sum of all the points in the continuum, not just the two endpoints.

The process of business progress is many small steps with occasional huge brave leaps of faith. They often do not go in a straight line.  In any business, the need to connect the ‘bottom line results' with daily actions and goals is a challenge.

Knowing how to leverage your resources (time, people, money, skill, knowledge) occurs as “distinctions are discovered”. Distinctions are collected wisdom enhanced by experiences (often NOT in a neat and tidy order) that inform and shape the forward movement of the organization. The ultimate goal: to make the business better, more effective and more profitable.  

The Continuum is here to D.I.G. in with you and your organization:

Discover those distinctions needed to grow and improve. (Think: 1% changes like James Clear's 'Atomic Habits' practice)

Integrate those 1% practices-- be willing to experiment, test, and readjust in order to grow strong.

Gain to grow and develop the organization into the best version of itself.


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