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Meet Angela Woodrow, your passionate guide to trail blaze 
organizational development. 
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Hi, I'm Angie.

Angela Woodrow has over 20 years of experience in coaching individuals and organizations to success. An educational theater arts background gives her the passion to coach everyone to his or her utmost potential. Growing into the opportunities of tomorrow is how Angela sees everyone’s capabilities.

Her speaking and teaching audiences include: American Red Cross, California Department of Rehabilitation, USAF programs , K-12 / adult/ continuing education classrooms, training days for large and small business, non-profit organizations, and international academic competitions.

A life long community volunteer with a personal philosophy to bloom where planted. Angela volunteers with her local faith based education partners, and groups that promote scholarship for youth and the community arts.

Angela is an active member of the International Coach Federation, San Antonio Professional Coaches Association, and Business Networks International.

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