The Coaching Continuum

Helping Organizations Navigate the
Ebb and Flow of Change.
Like all bodies of water...

Organizations are in constant motion:

Avoid swirling the drain:

Often organizations need a passionate outside source to help them map out a plan that will keep them moving in the right direction.

Ride the wave:

Organizations need to make sure all are ready to capture the wave of opportunity that swells on the horizon.

Check for depth:

Organizations need to be swimming in the right depth. Checking for depth helps organizations to determine when to move to ‘bigger seas’.

Dealing with the rip tide:

Organizations need to make sure their people are equipped to handle the challenge of an unexpected ‘rip tide’ such as personnel changes or the ‘Tsunami ‘of a buy out.

The Ebb and Flow of your organization depends on your knowledge & ability to plan, implement, and evaluate.

The Coaching Continuum is here to help you navigate the Ebb and Flow...
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Does it feel like your organization is swirling the drain?

Do you need to reflect and explore new ideas and information to ensure you are able to transition to your next phase of business for your organization?

Is it time to ride the big wave of opportunity…but you don’t know if you can swim?

Want to strengthen your team so that you are able to use your people and time to their fullest potential?
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Have you run aground?
Or are you in too deep?

Are you stuck? Does your organization feel like it doesn’t need to change? Is your organization staying with the same because to change would be too much work?

Navigation Map

Ready to begin blazing down the organizational development path? 

Great, you've come to the right place! Download your FREE Navigation Map Assessment TODAY and let's begin the transformational process.
A map is a plan to guide the journey. There are many ways to map the journey:

The Direction

Focus in on the direction the organization is growing.

The People

Targeting in on identifying the people or population you serve.

The Inputs

Clarifying the timing and allocation of resources used and dispersed in order to achieve the desired destination of a journey.

The Tasks

Creating a plan of action to implement change without interrupting the flow of day-to-day operation.

Meet Your Guide

Introducing Angela Woodrow. Your experienced, trusted guide for transformational organizational change.
angela woodward headshot

Hi, I'm Angela.

Organization Strategist & Consultant
I am passionate about helping organizations walk through the maze of options—eliminating unnecessary blind spots and dead ends in creating a path way to launching and successfully sustaining growth.


  • "Thank you! I read it all! Love it! I’ll likely use these tools in various stages of the transition for the team.
    I’m blessed to have you in my life!"

    CS, San Antonio, TX
    Executive Strategy Client

    Uses The Coaching Continuum "Notes from the Field" Program
    A combination of tools that maximize coaching conversations and
    customized curriculum for their team trainings
  • "I am going to continue to with our conversations
    When we spoke last week, I felt a real shift in understanding”

    1:1 Coaching Client

    Uses The Coaching Continuum "Notes from the Field" Program
    A combination of tools that maximize coaching conversations and
    customized curriculum for Personal Professional Development
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