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Is your non-profit experiencing stunted growth, without a clear path forward?
Our customized coaching and consulting specialize in cultivating the right solution and action plan. 
The process might* take time, but getting started is easier than you think.
A free 30-minute call is all it takes to plant the seeds for growth.

A non-profit organization starts with a great idea. 

The founder(s) are passionate about a concept that can help solve a serious problem in their community. What happens next can take any number of turns, and lead to a variety of challenges that must be solved:

• Discovering how to serve the mission best
• Hiring and onboarding staff
• Recruiting and retaining volunteers and board members
• Fundraising
• Dealing with turnover
• Creating systems for growth
• Managing growth properly
• Addressing interpersonal conflict
• And many more
Do any of these sound familiar?
The Continuum exists to walk alongside non-profits and small organizations and create custom solutions to unique problems. I’ve been a coach for over 20 years, helping organizations navigate change by curating resources, creating strategic plans and mapping solutions.
If your organization faces challenges that seem too complicated to solve, I’ve got some good news: they can be conquered. Ready to take the first step toward a solution? It’s easier than you think. A 30-minute call with me is all it takes to determine the next steps.
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Together, we can nourish your organizational growth and development.
*There are often underlying issues that cause stunted growth. My process to find a solution is customized to your organization. Once we have our initial call, I can give you a framework of what the next steps will look like.
Need more convincing? Keep reading.

If your organization is going through difficult changes, often the most effective path is to bring in an outside expert who can look at your situation objectively and provide unbiased feedback on the best path forward.

We are passionate about helping you, regardless of whether your business is growing, developing, or struggling. We believe that each organization and business is different, and how we do business proves that. We collaborate with each client to create a unique plan that meets you where you are and aids you in achieving your goals. And, if your goals or plans change, we will adapt and adjust to better serve you. That's what our dynamic business services are all about.

Our no-nonsense subscription-based model means you only pay for the time and resources you need and nothing else.
It all starts with a painless, no-obligation 30-minute assessment. If you’re ready to take the first step toward a solution, schedule yours now.
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Our Services


Do you need a trusted advisor who will guide you to success with an unique step-by-step plan?


Do you know the results you want, but lack the time or resources to acheive your goals?


Do you want to strengthen your team so that you are able to use your people and time to their fullest potential?

What Our Clients Say

  • "Thank you! I read it all! Love it! I’ll likely use these tools in various stages of the transition for the team.
    I’m blessed to have you in my life!"  

    Candyce Slusher, Administrator, Caring Companions
  • "Your professional experience kept the board on tract with some very important tasks."

    Peggy Hall, Zephr Point Christian Conference Centers, Board President 
  • "You have directed me to multiple resources over the years that have been very useful in training the staff, building staff unity, and helping us create a culture of growth and support." 

    P.J. Jackson, Principal, St. Jerome Catholic School

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