Designing a learning organization can create a higher earning organization

org devplanningA coach always encouraging others to delve deeper into understanding. Delving deeper to a new understand requires learning. When you acquire knowledge– both new and expanded, you increase your effectiveness.

I strive to practice what I preach. So currently I am studying organizational development, to expand and increase my effectiveness.

The current ‘buzz’ in organizational development  is all about creating a learning organization.

Organizational development is defined as a planned, systematic change. It is action oriented and is designed to help the organization either solve a problem or increase efficiency and profits.

When you invest in making a change you benefit from the efforts.
Designing an organization to be more flexible will create an opportunity  to develop an organization’s unique competitive edge.  By purposely working on learning, the organization and the individuals in the organization become stronger.  Usually, this  learning comes when trying to solve a problem. Assessing the needs, identifying resources, figuring out how to on board the new process to solve the problem (including disseminating the new process to the rest of the organization) is not a simple over night fix. It requires extra time. It requires evaluating how to bring about change (thinking in a new way) while transitioning the current day-to-day business practices and process. It is exciting and overwhelming all at the same dev words

A key distinction for the learning organization is that the learning does not stop when the solution has been identified. Every organization that wants to stay competitive must observe and evaluate the processes and systems. The ongoing evaluation and reflection is what causes the learning to continue.  And these days, when learning is happening, earning is happening.  All organizations have the same kinds of resources: people, time and money. The way an organization utilizes their unique and valuable human resource is how the organization will define it’s unique and competitive edge. Technology can be duplicated, products can be duplicated.  The human resource– the way it is organized and how it is utilized will determine how successful an organization is at earning.  Designing processes and systems to  ensure the organization is learning  will ensure the organization continues to earn.

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