A Confession: Working on not repeating “Ground Hog Day’

ground hog day  Ever watch the Bill Murray movie “Ground Hog Day”?  It is about a weather man who keeps living the same day over and over again. Only when he has a change of heart and mind about how to approach life, the day changes and it is for the better! Imagine that!

We all need to have a change of heart and mind. And I am no exception to the rule.

I need to have a change of mind and heart about posting and participating in social media. I know the website and blog are the ‘calling cards’ for a person in busienss (read: wanting to connect and create actions with outcomes). I keep stating I will do this more. I talk with business colleagues who have said the same thing.

When I stop and ask myself why is this such a hurdle to get over, I notice procrastination around this activity. Procrastination can be in any or all realms of life. To get over the prognostication, I know myself well enough that I have visualize what the project will look like when it is finished. No vague grey, momentary flash in my mind. No darting thought. No, I must grasp this idea, conceptualize it and breathe it into life by picturing it complete, and me feeling good about completing it. (The visualization process is actually a several step process condensed down to a few words.) The  process of bring a goal into reality does rely on this  disciplined and  organized activity.  A good idea for a future post. ( I am picturing it now!)  A concrete and tangible image.

I tend to divide life into two realms :personal and professional. To get over the aspect of where to begin I will start with dividing the project into these two parts.
In the personal realm: I am going to write more snail mail letters. Send real birthday cards and greetings. I am blessed with an abundance of family to stay connected to. Some are old enough that the electronic contact is frustrating and exhausting.  Some are young enough that an old fashion letter- in- the- mail is almost a lost art and a true novelty. So in the name of re-frame: a letter or note a day. Not complicated, not perfect. Just thoughtful and colorful and fun.

If it not fun, it is not getting done…..Thanks Stephanie Ellis Ecke! (stephanieecke.blogspot.com)

In the professional realm: A PURPOSEFUL post a day. I have lots of thoughts. Some are meant to be shared, others not. There are plenty of ways to post. On a day when I am cranking out a new training outline or writing a paper for a class I am taking,  I can use the shorter social media tools to help. I know a plan of content and themes will help make this an even easier process. ( reference:www.hubspot.com)

I have  a website and blog that are connected (Facebook,Linked in, Twitter)  Thank you Barbara at Blackstone Studio ( www.blackstonestudio.com)  This makes things ‘simpler and easier’…and perhaps, if I re-frame it,  fun. Why am I not using them? (Ah, the thoughtful rhetorical question — imagine hand slapping forehead!)

In the last bit of 2013, I participated in an ACT FAST NOW activity with Diane Cunningham and the NACWE. (www.dianecunningham.com) The whole point was to get you up and moving. I was moving. In 40 different directions. All purposeful and meaningful.

I did not get to ACT FAST NOW then, as I had the blessing and opportunity to serve and care for family members. Now, that the dust is settled, I am stepping into the New Year with the focus and intention to write with purpose and connection daily.

Each day, I  am going to say: I will write a (fill in the blank) today.  I am writing today to connect to ( fill in the blank) I like writing and connecting. It can be simple, easy and fun.snail and email

This is an positive affirmation and a ‘why-I -want-to-accomplish my- goal statement’ rolled into one.

I am adding this to my electronic  daily  list of actions to help me practice these positive affirmations about a goal I really want to achieve.


Tips on how to accelerate accomplishments: Step 1: clearly name and claim action, goal, dream. (SMART smart goalgoals are good goals!)  Step 2: share the goal. FACT: If you don’t name it you do not have to be accountable for it.  Yes, we all need to be able to account for our goals, dreams, wishes and desires. Personal and professional. How we claim it depends on how badly we need, want, desire, to achieve.  Observation: if we put in as much effort into organizing and  tracking/planning our daily life as we do with our vacations  imagine how productive we would be!

Challenge: Make a 30 day challenge of your own to help baby-step a new action in to your daily life! Make it fun so it will get done!




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