Good thing life is overflowing!

The Far Side version of choice

So, everyone has one of those days.

I have had one of those weeks.

Earlier this morning I was at the point of choice: a glass of water on the table sits on  a table.

I can see it as

A) Half full

B) Half empty


C) What glass, I want need a cheeseburger!

Earlier this morning, I think I would have chosen to chucked the glass out the window (please note: not a responsible option!)

Then, excellent (and I mean above and beyond excellent) tech support from the company that powers this web page and my email arrived just in time!, saved the day! I can see the glass is overflowing!

I am usually the one who give outstanding support.  In every aspect of my life, both personal and professional, I know my ability to help people who help others ( you know, teachers, nurses, non profits who provide community support, ombudsman programs and of course my family and the community where I am rooted) will not make me millions, but it does make me aware I am living on purpose.

I do not wish my life to be a bed of roses, rather, I work hard cultivating a life and livelihood that blooms. For every season there is rest, work and harvest. I know that you have to work at it every day. I also know not everyday is going to be fun.  Hindsight helps you remember the bright spots in the not so fun days. You may choose not to repeat the experience, even though it adds to your harvest in that season.

Case in point: I learned things about the web, email and my computer and how to trouble shoot things I never would wanted to have to know regarding email. So now I do. And I can choose to be grumpy and bumpy about the time lost or I can choose to be grateful it is finally fixed.

The option is always there for choice. It is like the yoga instructor who gently reminds you: rest is always an option (and in a strange way this gentle reminder powers you through.  At least for me it does)

I know it is what you do in the continuum that makes a difference.

I know continuous effort is the key to unlocking the potential inside of us all.  Everyone needs support and accountability. It s what helps us move forward. Even an accountability coach. Perhaps, especially, accountability coach when she is really outside her comfort zone. (read: getting email to flow in and out of the mailbox manager on her laptop!)

Who is helping you today move forward?

I am so glad the tech folks at are helping me today.

Email up and running again. Ready to keep moving forward!

Also, thank you to all who work those help lines across the globe. Thank you for helping us to remember we have a choice…. I for one continue to choose overflowing!

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