Changing Directions or Changing Persepective?

I’m taking a pole:

Do you harness change or navigate change?

What does “harness” mean?: to bring under conditions for effective use; gain control over for a particular end, control, manage, utilize.

And what’s “navigate” mean?: to move on, over, or through, to direct or manage; to control the course to pass over, to  find one’s way.

Terry Paulson, the author of Paulson on Change, quotes an uncle’s advice: “It’s easiest to ride a horse in the direction it is going.”

In other words, don’t struggle against change; learn to use it to your advantage.

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Paulson’s great quote  makes me wonder about the the question behind the quote….

Do you know which way you are going?

And, more importantly, are you sure the direction you are sitting on the horse is the right direction?

Clearly identifying your destination is important…. Making sure you are going about it most effectively is equally important.

Are you struggling and trying to make a go of something that you know should be right …but can’t seem to connect? Then, check the way you are riding the horse…

Readjusting how you use your  tools/ information to accomplish the goal may make all the difference.

A recent group  I was coaching discovered a new way to ‘ride the horse’

The scenario:

Office staff of a 24/7 operation wanted to create more time for  off site appointments and personal training and growth.

They had asked for a 4/10-work week before with out success

Utilizing tools and refreshed information they learned in a Fresh ideas Interactive Learning Experience (ILE) they:

  • Worked as a team organizing their thoughts.
  • Worked as a team to compose a report that detailed the benefits to the customer and the company why shifting to a 4/10 schedule would benefit the bottom line
  • Presented their report to their direct supervisor for feedback and suggestions
  • Presented the report in a formal, short presentation to the boss after getting the green light form the direct supervisor!

The Result:

They got their schedules adjusted!…and

  • their wok week now flows much more smoothly
  • they come to work refreshed and not worried about how to get appointments and personal growth training accomplished.

Most importantly, they have a fresh perspective on coming to work and this directly impacts the increase in customers and customer services

The key:

In the Fresh ideas ILE they learned about communication, boundaries and how to connect  their personal values to the company’s values and goals.

Common sense?

Perhaps…..and it takes common sense to get off the horse, walk around it and make sure when you remount, you are in the most effective and efficient position so you can enjoy the ride!

Common sense  and effective use of time and energy leveraging support in the process of getting your sense of direction and perspective in focus and sharp.

Do you need to dismount, reevaluate and get back up again to take charge of change?

Want to learn more about Fresh Ideas ILE?

Contact me for more information…..and  get ready to enjoy the ride!

2 thoughts on “Changing Directions or Changing Persepective?

  1. Good stuff, Angela! I usually navigate, but there are times when I try to harness change and it generally turns out badly.

  2. Angie:

    This was very informative reading ! Hope this “Poll ” helps with your information gathering.

    Sometimes, I too have challenges, and when it seems I’m hitting “Brick Walls” all the time, maybe with a ancestry research project, household dilema, a craft /art project… I then, take time to get anothers idea, or opinion, it really helps to find out other ways to accomplish the same goal .

    Fresh ideas, and someone elses perspective, is many times very helpful, and it allows us to think outside the box, of our own cobwebs, sometimes.

    It is all about Common Sense ALOT of the time… If you dont think so, all we have to do is go to a Fast Food Restaurant, one time to know that !

    So, getting (gathering) that information, is truly KEY.

    Open communication works with everyone in any field…be it housewife, CEO, or Janitor…anyone, does better with knowing whats expected of them, how to do it, and the goal (end result ) in mind… Go ! Corral them Doggies !

    Love ya,
    Deborah Woodrow

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