Learn + Grow = Go!

An interactive learning experience connects the head and the heart.  Understanding how you learn will help you increase your learning and earning potential. When you learn you grow. And when you grow, you go – accomplishing great things that improve your day-to-day systems and operations.

The Coaching Continuum helps individuals and organization grow and go through interactive learning experiences.

So, what does this mean? It is connecting  the doing and the being.

Doing —the actions and the efforts you choose
Being– the thoughts and feelings that drive the doing

If you are being grumpy or out of sorts…how is your ‘doing’ working for you?

There must be balance.
Here is an excerpt form a Google search I did on the difference between doing and being:

Doing is driven by thinking and personality; being is fueled from the heart and soul.

The longest journey in the universe, [according to Blackhawk] is the one from your head to your soul. (Blackhawk was an American Indian Chief from 1767-1838 known for his courage, integrity, and dignity).

[ The connection] also may be the most satisfying and life-changing. It is an opportunity to literally explode into your infinite potential. The more being you do, the more you realize the vast scope of this marvelous opportunity. It is a sacred gift to acknowledge and enjoy.

~ Cotringer, William, Ph. D. , intention, web. 9 August 2010


Learn, Grow, Go!
·         Do you need a new job; do you need to increase income?
·         Do you need to figure out what to do next at

  • home?
  • work?
  • in your life?

Discovering the distinctions helps you identify where it is you want to go and how to get there with ease.                          And you can do it with out interrupting the flow of the business of the day.
The interactive learning process takes into account what is currently happening and allows for learning to occur and, most importantly, take root.
–        As you navigates change, the head and the heart connect making the process of growing (and going!) very successful. In this way, you develop new/stronger professional skills to help you get the job done, be it at home at work or in another aspect of your life.

So what is this interactive learning experience?
It is a customized session that will help you:
–        learn how you learn: get clear on the goals – which ones to focus on and which ones to let go of
–        organize your systems to create a new level of productivity.

The Coaching Continuum can help you
·         discover the distinctions
·         navigate change
·         achieve results
Connect the doing and the being – for you – and help you go on your life journey.

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