Why Hire a Coach?

Why Hire a Coach?

The simple answer is because you deserve to have the best life possible!

Most people when first finding out I’m a coach think I’m a sports coach.  It’s true that great athletes need coaches.  But it’s also true that any individual can benefit from having a topnotch coach in their life.

A coach helps you clear away the clutter in your mind and life and gain clarity on what you want to achieve; and than helps you put together a step-by-step plan to accomplish your goals.  You can think of a coach as an accountability partner in your life, facilitating your journey to discover distinctions and helping you stay on course to achieve the results you desire.

Life Coach or Business Coach?


Coaching is a whole person experience. When you work on a specific area in your life you will discover that it cause results and growth in all areas of your life. This may or may not be intention…but it can always seen as a benefit.

Begin where you want to accomplish the most or feel the most urgency. I am trained to help you discover the distinctions, and as always the choice is yours to accept, refuse or renegotiate.

I’m a trained specialist in my field and am a member of The International Coach Federation and a Certified True Colors Trainer

I provide coaching support in the following areas:

Business Coaching

  • Peak Performance—Mission and vision build strong foundation
  • Fresh Ideas ® Team Growth Coaching
  • True Colors Personality Assessment and EQ/SQ

Life Coaching

  • Take a Toleration Vacation
  • Affirm and Grow your Abundance
  • Wealthy Wisdom
  • True Color Family
  • Customized Interactive Learning Experiences

List of speaking presentations and Interactive Story telling Celebrations are available upon request.

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