Life is a Continuum

Navigating Change. Discovering Distinction. Reach targeted goals. Accelerate results. Celebrate.

Life is a continuum of theses activities. Sometimes you are very aware of the process; Sometimes the change is something noticed after the fact.

For me, I am navigating a lot of changes this week. And, I am VERY aware of the changes:

  • A change in address,
  • A new program to offer to clients
  • Additional community responsibilities

With all the abundance of chosen change comes the challenge of balance.

To celebrate all the progress, I am refreshing my website and leveraging my discoveries. Refreshing creates the opportunity to take what is great and give it new energy and direction. I call this discovering or highlighting a distinction. The distinction can be a deeper understanding, a new perspective, or an enhanced level of skill.

I have 2 years to accomplish a specific set of goals. And while I complete them, I also have to plan how to navigate the change that comes after this 2-year term.

Keeping the  ‘big picture’  in focus while managing the day –to-day activities require support and accountability. This is what I do for others. Help them organize their thoughts, create action plans to accomplish them and support them through the process.

Over the next 2 years I will use this blog to share observations, resources, tips from experts, and inspirational thoughts and quotes.

The blog will explore these categories:

  • Discovering distinctions
  • Navigate Change
  • Accelerate Results

These categories can be viewed through various ‘scopes’

The telescope: The big picture. The overview. Where you are making long-range plans and seeing how all the pieces will be connected.

The microscope: The close-up examination. Looking deeper into a system or process. Where you work on fine-tuning an idea or a process.

The kaleidoscope: The Reflection. Taking time to understand, explore new concepts, adjusting life’s perspectives, reviewing values and priorities. A critical part of successful change management. Where you connect your values, priorities and purpose.

The periscope: The critical care approach. Short-term fixes to help manage change while foundational pieces are restored and or put into place. Where you use a specific program to help you gain traction at a critical time in life.

Personal and professional growth goes hand in hand. You choose the area of focus, and as you grow and change, your whole self benefits.

A simple rule of thumb is to begin with the end in mind. Leverage this critical skill when navigating change. Know what the result you want looks like. When you realize you need to expand or contract the vision, do so with careful planning and reviewing. All of these processes of growth lead to satisfying personal and professional results.

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